EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

EDDM Prints: The Desirable Approach in Small and Medium Business Marketing


If you are running a business whose scope is local (meaning, most of your target customers come from a specific location close to you), then EDDM Prints is the best option for your marketing. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail, and the essence of the term is on the first two words – “Every Door”. EDDM is a US Postal Service program aimed to help small and medium businesses send mail to prospective customers. It is similar to standard bulk mail, but with a significant difference.


In regular mail, you specify the addresses of the recipients. This can be heavily time-consuming and impractical for business personnel who may not even know each and every address in the locality where they want to promote their products and services. With EDDM, however, this problem is solved. Marketers just have to make their own flyers and brochures; these pieces of mail will then be delivered to a Post Office retail unit in the location where marketing should take place. On that place, the mail carrier covering that location will pick up the mail and then bring it to each and every home in his route (unless you happen to be short in mail). Through this, up to 5000 pieces of mail can be sent to households and offices in a locality (minimum is 200).


One primary advantage of sending out EDDM Prints is that people who read them will be more receptive than they would be if they receive business E-mail. E-mail, the closest digital counterpart of EDDM, has advantages of its own, but it is hard to get around its practical disadvantages. For one, many people tend to think of business E-mail as spam, so they tend to ignore it and sometimes they get indignant over businesses that constantly send them E-mail, whether spam or not. Also, E-mails may be read for only a short period of time, so the readers may not fully absorb them. EDDM mail, however, will surely be read in full, as many people who receive conventional mail do.


EDDM printing is also affordable – the cost of sending a single mail is just 14.2 cents. If you intend to send the maximum number of mail, which is 5000, you just have to pay about $700. That $700 (or less, depending on the coverage of your marketing campaign) is a small investment compared to the potential number of customers to whom you will make your business known. Customers may not come first, but sustained marketing efforts will eventually get them into the doorsteps of your business, or they may call you for inquiries if they are interested.


EDDM is such a wonderful innovation of the US Postal Service. Personnel of small and medium businesses don’t have to exert strenuous efforts in sending flyers and brochures. All that the business personnel have to do is to put the mail in the drop-off point and then let the couriers take care of the rest. With EDDM Prints, marketing, especially of the local sort, just got many notches easier.


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